Hello Kitty Theme :)

I am very excited for this weeks theme. I have a bunch of Hello Kitty stickers from a coloring book a bought on clearance at Walmart and I have been just dying to use them. Pink is also my favorite color so this is by far my favorite theme.

20150713_170006My week is still pretty blank towards the end of the week. I have information that I didn’t write in yet. I also don’t know when I am working this weekend so that will take up some space as well. This week is very bittersweet for me. This is my last week as a tutor for the Upward Bound program this summer. I am going to miss the kids a lot even though some of them drove me up a wall. I will also miss the residential staff that I have worked so closely with for the past 6 weeks.

Moving on to more planner related things, you may notice some changes from last week. I added a workout challenge in the last section of my days. I found a 30 workout challenge that I want to try and thought that the best way to keep me at it was writing it down in my planner. I always feel bad if I write something in my planner and don’t get to check it off. Hopefully, this will give me some motivation.

I am liking my weekly ‘To Do” list on the left, I am pretty sure I will keep that there for all of my layouts. I also find that I like using dots to show what I have going on during that time of day. It makes my events and activities easy to find.

I liked having my weekly stats in the left section as well so they are also staying there for the time being. Not much changed this layout. I think I am starting to get the hang of this.

I also figured out a way to put movie tickets and other little keepsakes in my planner without using coil clips. Stay tuned for a DIY!



Hump Day Spread! (7/8/15)

Hello! Welcome back 🙂 I’ve missed you!

I hope your week is going great, mine is going pretty smoothly actually. I’m going to give the credit for that to my lovely ECLP. I think I am finally getting a better feel for how I want to layout everything. I feel like my half week is not as crowded as last week, which makes me very happy. I have taken another step towards planner peace. I also really love my sticker theme this week. When I went planner shopping over the weekend I picked up a few sticker books from Joann’s which you saw in my last post. One of them is a summer theme with flamingos, chameleons, and crocodiles. I used those stickers as well as my yellow and pink washi to make a yellow and pink summer theme. It makes me want to just lay out by the pool and drink lemonade.


What I did differently this week is at the bottom of the days I am only writing my thankful thought or a great memory from the day. I moved my steps to the bottom “Night” box and I moved my WordPress stats to the notes section and I am only doing them weekly now instead of daily. I am not dedicating a whole box to my “To Dos”, instead I am putting them in the box (Morning, Day, or Night) that I need to get that task done. I think that this way I can see when I need to have things accomplished as well as see what else I have going on for that time of the day. I am liking it a lot so far, but the week is not over yet!

How are your weeks looking?


Weekend Haul and Last Week’s Finished Layout

Hey guys!

I am so excited to share with you all the goodies I got over the weekend! First I would like to show you my very first Etsy shipment. I ordered some July themed stickers and washi from NiftyNimble Designs and I am so happy with how they turned out.

IMG_20150702_183055In my order I got some nice dots, quarter boxes, bill due stickers. weekend banners, stars, 4 sample washi, and some samples for full boxes and To Do boxes. I loved, loved, loved how these stickers turned out and I have no problem writing on them. I like writing on the darker colors such as the red and the dark blue with my new white ink Gelly Roll that I picked up this weekend.

Now, for the rest of my goodies!

20150702_214642Everyone is talking about Dollar Tree’s stickers so I had to go and check them out on my day off over the weekend. I still haven’t found any weather stickers but I did find some rainbows. I also picked up some cute owls, foxes, conversation boxes, page flags, and some cute paperclips. I ended up spending $7 there because I also bought some dark blue crepe paper for a project that some of my students are working on.

Now, for some reason my picture for my Joann Fabric’s haul has disappeared so I will just tell you what I bought. I found a pack of white ink Gelly Rolls, coveted Joann’s paper tape, a 1/8 hole punch, and three sticker books. Joann’s had a sale on Frisker’s products as well as the scrapbooking items and I also had a coupon for 20% off my entire order so I only spent $10 here.

20150702_214827Next, on my adventure I stopped at Walmart. I really wanted to grab Papermate Flair pens in black because I love how they write and look in my planner. I also picked up a binder so I can organize my stickers in sheet protectors instead of keeping them all inside one box. I can’t seem to control myself when I see washi tape, so I picked up a pink and a yellow which you will see in this week’s layout.

Speaking of washi tape, here are all the tapes I picked up this weekend excluding the samples from NiftyNimble Design.

IMG_20150702_230244Now with that out of the way I think it is time to show you last week’s completed layout:

20150706_170041I still think it looks a little too busy and chaotic, but I am happy with the end result. I am learning from myself and other bloggers to figure out how I want to design and layout my future spreads. Keep a look out for my midweek this Wednesday!!


Happy Hump Day!

Happy hump day everyone! There are so many great things about today! First off, it is the first day of a new month! It is time for new challenges and new goals to make us better people. How exciting. For the planner community, it is a time to show off those mid-week spreads as well!

I am absolutely loving my ECLP so far, I just do not think I like how I am doing my spread. In my opinion it looks messy and it doesn’t really have any consistency to it yet. I mean, it is only my first week in my ECLP and I really did not know what I was doing when I started throwing stickers on it. I was too excited about having my planner that I did not really think through what I wanted to do with it.

Below, you can see what I ended up doing for the first half of my week. Because the first two days were June I wanted to do something to make them stand apart. I used Target Dollar Spot page flags in the June colors to mark things that I had to do that day. I also put a To Do list in the top box for all three days because I do not have anything to do during the mornings on those three days. I used the bottom section to mark when my Etsy order was shipped, my blog views, my steps, as well as a daily thankful thought.


I am already thinking about what I want my spread to look like next week, and I think I am just going to do another week of red, white, and blue. My first reason for this is I ordered a July sticker set from Nifty Nimble Designs and it did not come in yet. It should actually be at my house later today or tomorrow. When I do get it, I will do a post on what she sent me. I am super excited to get my stickers from her Etsy shop.

I am also super excited for my personalized cover for my ECLP that I just ordered today. I ended up getting the scalloped cover in hot pink and grey and I could not be happier with my decision. I am hoping that it looks amazing in person.

Non-planner related I am heading out to a Wild Things game tonight, which should be fun as long as the rain holds off. This will be my second time going to a Wild Things game.

Until next time,

Shannon Nicole

Erin Condren Life Planner and Planner Haul

With the new academic year right around the corner I decided it was time to start looking for a new planner. I take picking my planner fairly seriously because it is a big part of my life during the academic year. I was tired of buying the cheap, small planners from stores like Walmart and Staples. Below you can see my planner from last academic year. I’m pretty sure I got it at Staples for around $10.


This planner worked great for me last year. It kept me organized and housed all the information I needed for meetings, homework, and school activities. However, this coming year I am going to be involved with a bit more on campus which means I will need a better system to organize myself and all of my events. I needed something with enough space for homework, club meetings, executive board meetings, newspaper meetings and deadlines, and work. I thought that I was asking for a lot, especially being on a college girl’s budget.

Being the Pinterest nerd that I am, I went straight to the site to start my planner research. I ran into a lot of different brands that I have never heard of: Kikki K, FiloFax, Erin Condren, and some others. I looked at each of them individually, but there was something about the Erin Condren Life Planner that just captured my planner addicted heart. The layout was exactly what I was looking for – it was separated into different sections which was perfect for my busy schedule. That’s when I started looking at other people’s Life Planners. SO MANY STICKERS! The amount of stickers and washi tape that people used to decorate their life planners astounded me. I just had to jump on board and start right away. Thennnn I looked at the price. I tad pricey for a college girl’s budget, but the way I saw it is that my planner literally becomes a part of me once I receive it. It helps me with everything that I do and without it I would be a mess. Also, the Life Planner is an 18 month planner which I took into consideration. In the end, the pros outweighed the cons and I splurged.

My Life Planner is currently in production. I check the status of my planner every day. I know that may sound obsessive, but I cannot wait to get it.

While waiting for my planner I began to do some more research on how people use their Life Planners. I watched dozens of reviews, unboxings, plan-with-mes, and sticker hauls. I couldn’t get enough of it. That’s when I decided to go out in search of my own planner supplies. Before I get into what I purchased let me just share with you my biggest mistake: I did not set a budget for myself. I just started grabbing everything off the shelves that I thought I would or could use in my planner. About $60 later, this is what I came home with.


So pictured above I have items from two stores.

I went to Walmart first and bought: Papermate Flair pens (on sale), panda stickers, heart stickers, puppy/kitty stickers, star stickers, star foam stickers, thumbs up sticky notes, to-do sticky notes, Avery colored dots, 3 rolls of washi tape, a paper craft kit that was on clearance for $10 (Included: paper cutter, glitter tape, cardstock, paper, glue stick, glitter glue, stickers, ribbon, and some other items), a Hello Kitty sticker/coloring book (clearance), and two sheets of puffy stickers (clearance).

From Target I bought: Staedtler pens, 4 packs of page flags (dollar spot), two packs of sticky notes (dollar spot), a double pack of sticky notes (dollar spot), 4th of July whale stickers (dollar spot), and a tape runner.

Clearly, I was planner crazy and my frontal lobe shut down during the shopping process. However, I am excited with what I purchased and started thinking of ways to store my new planner supplies. I settled with using a cardboard box to store all my stickers and other accessories. I used the paper and cardstock from the kit from Walmart to decorate it and make dividers. The end resulted is pictured below.


I think it looks so cute all in one place like that. It can easily sit on my desk while I am writing in everything that I need to do. Needless to say I am super excited and ready for my planner to arrive. When it does I will share my unboxing with you. 🙂

If you are interested in purchasing an Erin Condren Life Planner use this link for $10 off your order 🙂


About me!

I am starting this blog so you can follow me on my adventures this summer and all throughout the next academic year as I try to balance my life on paper.

Yes, this is going to be mostly about my planner, but also about me, my boyfriend, and my cat. Hope you enjoy 🙂